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Getting Started

What Is Mockplus Design System

Mockplus Design System is a powerful online design tool that can help product teams build, manage, share, and use design systems across teams and large organizations. It brings together designers, developers, product managers, and stakeholders in one place and allows them to communicate using the same visual language to ensure brand consistency.

With Mockplus Design System, you can:

Organize and Manage Assets Effortlessly

Mockplus Design System can help you create your own design system libraries; you and your team can collect different design guidelines and assets by adding a series of categories, such as colors, texts, layer styles, components, icons, and images.

You are also able to add multiple groups under each category to gather and manage assets of the same type more efficiently.

A tree structure presents the categories and groups clearly, making it easy for you to organize and manage assets with drag-and-drop.

Sync Changes in Real Time

When designing in Sketch, you can use the new Sketch plugin to add Sketch assets to your online design system libraries. All it takes is a few simple clicks. Any changes in the Sketch plugin can be synced to the online libraries in real time.

The design assets that you have gathered in Mockplus RP can also be added directly and easily to your design system libraries.

Reuse Assets in Design Tools with Simple Clicks

The robust integration with other design tools like Sketch enables you to reuse assets from the online libraries in your design tools. This can be done easily with a few simple clicks or drag-and-drop. You can also reuse these assets in Mockplus RP.

Export to PNG/PDF/Code

A simple click is all you need to export design system libraries to different types of files (like PDF or PNG) for better management and sharing. You can export assets directly to CSS/LESS/SCSS codes, a feature which enables developers to use the codes in their own programming and thus speed up the entire development process. The process brings design and engineering closer together.

Manage Members with Roles and Permissions

With the Mockplus Design System, you can assign roles to different team members and have full control of who can view, edit, share, and manage the various design system libraries.

Start building your own visual language by clicking https://app.mockplus.com/

5 Minutes to Get Started

The Mockplus Design System helps you customize your design systems, manage all your design assets in one place, and streamline the entire design-to-development process.

This video tutorial will show you how to get started with the Mockplus Design System.