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Share & Export


To share your project, click “Share” . A URL will automatically be generated. Copy this link and send it to others, they will then be able to instantly preview your prototype online.


You can download the HTML prototype file of your project for better backup and sharing. Then you can preview and test the project offline, no network connection required.

Download HTML prototype

To download the HTML prototype, click the  on the right side of the top toolbar and select “Download HTML prototype”.

In the pop-up window, you can customize the logo and device frame of the prototype. You can also choose to “Show control panel”, “Show tool bar”, “Always show link area” and “Show link area on mouse hover”.

Then, click “OK” to start downloading the HTML prototype file.

The prototype file is packaged in a zip folder. Unzip the folder and open the index.html file to preview the prototype in your own browser offline.

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