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Layer Data

Mark layer

Click the “Mark layer” icon in the upper right corner of the property panel to mark desired layers.

All  marked layers will then be automatically listed in the right “Layers” panel for better viewing and management .

Copy layer data

In Mockplus Cloud, after entering the “Development” mode and selecting a layer of your design page, all the related layer information - including the layer position, size, color, opacity, font, and font size -  will be displayed clearly in the right property panel.

Simply  click “Copy” in the upper right corner of the property panel to copy  all the displayed layer data in JSON format. You can use this directly for easier and faster product development. 

Add layer notes

You can add a note to your desired layer to explain  usage and other related information.

When copying the layer data, this note will also be included in the JSON format file and shown as "remark":{"remark":"XXX"}.

Download layer data

Click “Download the selected layer data” or “Download all layer data” to easily download desired layer data.

All  desired layer property data will then be downloaded in a .json file, which you or your developers can use  directly for product development.

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