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Project Folder

In Mockplus Cloud, it's possible to collect multiple low & high fidelity prototypes into project folders for better management and view.

Create Project Folder

Click "New" button ( on the left side of the project homepage)and then choose "Project folder" to create a new one.

Move to/Move out Project Folders

Click "More" on any project cover and choose "Move to" add it in any other project folder.

Click "More" on any project cover and choose "Move out" to delete it from the current project folder.

Switch Project Within a Project Folder

Open any project in a project folder, and click "Other projects" in the left upper corner. You can switch to other projects within the current project folder for viewing.

Dismiss Project Folder

Click "More - Dismiss" on the cover of a project folder to dismiss it. Please note that the projects within the dismissed project folder will not get deleted.

Change Project Folder Cover

Click "More" on the cover of a project folder and choose "Information" to change itits cover.  By default, the cover is taken from a project within the folder.