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Archive & Favorite Projects

Archive project

  • To archive a finished project, click “More” > "Archive" icon in the upper right corner of the project cover and select “Archive”. (Note: The archived project will no longer be editable and will no longer display in the project list on the first page).

  • You can view all archived projects by clicking the “Archived projects” icon in the top left corner.
  • If you need to edit the archived project again, click the “Retrieve” icon beside the project name. 

Archive Project Folder

To archive a project folder, click "More" > "Archive". You can then find this archived project folder under the "Archived projects" group. 

Add to favorites 

  • To add a project to “My Favorites,” click on the “Add to favorites” icon in the upper left corner of the project cover. The favorite projects will show a yellow star on the cover for easy recognization. (Please note: the favorite projects will not be removed from the project list.)
  • Click on the “My favorites” icon in the top left corner to view all your favorite projects.