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Team Management

Create/Switch Team

With Mockplus Cloud, if you want to create a new team, simply click on "My teams" on the left navigation, click on the team name, and select "Create team" from the drop-down list.

Alternatively, you can click "Switch team" from the drop-down list to switch between existing teams.

Edit Team Name

Only the super admin can edit the team name.
Steps: Click "My teams" =>click "Details" => Click the pencil icon to edit the team name.

Transfer Teams

In Mockplus Cloud, only super admins can transfer a team as follows:

My teams => click the team name => choose "Transfer team" =>select another team member as the next Super Admin.

The following will then happen to your account:

  • Pro account: You will be automatically downgraded as an Admin.
  • Free account: You will be automatically downgraded as a member.

Dismiss Team

Only the super admin can dismiss a team.
Steps: Choose "Delete team" from the drop-down list, and type your team name.
Please note that the dismissed team including the projects within will be removed immediately, and cannot be recovered again.

Upgrade Team

Steps to upgrade a team: click "My teams" =>click "Details" => click "Renew".