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Problems of Adobe XD Plugin

I get a prompt, “Unable to install plugin” when installing XD plugin

Solutions for Mac OS:

1. Open Finder, and select “Go” > “Go to Folder” on the menu;

2. Enter 「~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe XD CC」;

3. If there is no 「plugins 」folder, create the folder;

4. Then run the downloaded plugin installation file (.xdx file).

Solutions for Windows 10:

1. Select menu – plugins – development – display the development folder in the left;

2. Modify the current path to the previous level, that is the LocalState directory;

3. Check if the plugins folder exists in the current path. If not, manually create the plugins folder.

4. Once you have created the plugins folder, you can successfully install the Mockplus Cloud for XD plugin.

What to do when our Adobe XD plugin keeps crashing after installation?

If you've encountered this crashing issue, try the following steps to resolve it:

Step1. Change the suffix of the plugin file from ".xdx" to ".zip".

Then try to download it again here: https://www.mockplus.cn/download/idoc-xd

Step2. Unzip the file

Step3. Start Adobe XD and open its development folder in this path: Plugins > Development > Show Develop Folder. Then, drag the unzipped files into this folder.

Step4. Reload the plugins like this: Plugins > Development > Reload Plugins.