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Download Assets

Download Assets

To download assets, you need to:

  • Click any blank spot of the canvas. All assets of the page will show up on the right-hand "Assets" panel.

  • Hold down the left mouse button and drag on the workspace. You can frame select multiple assets at once and then click "Download selected assets" to get them all.   
  • Select the development platform (from iOS, Android and Web) and asset resolution ratio (such as @1x, @2x and@3x ).

  • Click “Download selected asset(s)” and all of your selected assets will begin to download.

  • Click “Download all assets” to get all assets at once.

Compress Assets

With Mockplus, you can download compressed assets at a 50% smaller size, in the right-hand Assets panel.

When downloading assets, you can enable "Compress assets" on the right-hand panel to download all your desired assets at a much smaller size, and also select an asset quality, such as "High quality", "Low quality" and "Recommended quality". (We recommend you to use this feature when any of your assets is less than 5MB. )
(Note: If we recommend you to compress the assets that are less than 5 MB. )

Asset Formats

There are four asset formats available: PNG, SVG, WebP and JPG.

You can download your assets in different or all four formats by ticking the format options you need. (We recommend using the Chrome browser for a stable download.)

Download Assets from Multiple Pages

Select all the pages that you would like to download the assets from, right click and select "Download assets". This will download all the assets from those selected pages.

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