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Automatic Specs

Interval Markup

Without selecting any layers, Mockplus Cloud will auto-display layer sizes on hovering, no need to select any layers first.

Inter-Layer Markup

Select a layer and mouse over another layer to display the specs for the distance between the two layers.

Multiple Layers Markup

Hold down the Shifit key and select multiple layers to display the distance between multiple layers.

Percentage Specs

Mockplus Cloud supports to view specs in percentage by pressing Alt.

Set as Reference Layer for Percentage Specs

Right-click on a layer to set it as the reference layer for percentage specs. This layer will be used as a reference to calculate the percentage value of the specs. (Press Alt for percentage specs)

Change guide colors 

When you use Development mode, by default Mockplus uses red color guides to indicate the distance between two objects on the screen. This can come in conflict when most of your design is in red. To resolve this issue and increase readability you can now choose between 3 options (Blue & Red, Purple and Orange & Blue) by clicking "Setting" icon.

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