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Create new projects

Who can access this feature?

  • This feature is supported on any team or plan. You can create projects both for teams or for private use.
  • Only Super Admins, Admins, and members of teams can make changes to projects.

Overview of project

Mockplus Cloud allows you to easily manage all of your projects in groups with the possibility to select certain members for each project. Your projects can be organized into default groups: Recently viewed, My favorites, My projects, Archived projects and Recycle bin, or you can add customized groups to manage them even better. 

How to create a new Cloud project step by step?

Step 1. Select the project type

Click the New  button on the project homepage, and choose to set it as a private or team project.

Private project: this project is only available to project members. Team members can access these projects if they are invited to. This is perfect for projects which need a smaller group of collaborators, or for confidential products or features.Team project: this project is available to all members of the team. All team members can view files and check the activities within this project, but guests and collaborators are not allowed to edit them.

Step 2. Choose Prototype handoff or Design handoff

Hover over the pop-up window after you click the New  button, and select whether you want to start with a Prototype handoff or Design handoff project.

Prototype handoff: Upload Prototypes from Axure or sync prototypes from Mockplus RP.Simply select Prototype handoff and then enter Prototype mode:A. Download the Axure plugin to import prototypes or click to directly upload your Axure HTML packages;Check how to upload prototypes from Axure

B. Enter Mockplus RP, complete your prototype, and click the Publish button to publish your prototypes to Mockplus Cloud to collaborate.

Design handoff: Upload designs from Sketch, Photoshop, Figma and Adobe XD with a plugin.Simply select Design handoff and then enter Design mode, you can upload designs in two different ways:A. Download and install our latest plugins for Sketch, Photoshop, Figma and Adobe XD in advance to upload your designs;

Check the tutorials below to:
Import Designs from Sketch
Import Designs from Photoshop
Import Designs from Figma
Import Designs from Adobe XD
B. Directly click to drag and drop your design files (including images, zip files and folders) to get them uploaded.

Step 3. Set the project cover

After your prototypes or designs have been uploaded, you can customize the project cover to your liking.A. Right-click on a project page at the Storyboard and choose “Set as cover” from the right-click menu.

B. Turn to the project homepage, click "More" on the project cover, select "Settings" and upload an image to customize the project cover.

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