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Focus Mode

While managing pages in Storyboard, you can switch to the "Focus mode", which is designed to help you stay focused on your design pages, and enjoy a higher performance with all your actions there, including dragging and dropping, zooming, moving, and more.

Enable Focus Mode

Focus Mode is enabled by default to enhance your concentration on the pages scattered on the canvas. Upon entering the Storyboard, Focus Mode is automatically activated. Side panels, like the Project Tree panel, are hidden to ensure that your operations there are never obstructed.

This simplifies the interface, reducing loading and response times, thus improving overall Storyboard performance. As a result, you and your partners can perform actions such as moving, zooming, dragging and dropping pages, and more, much faster and with greater efficiency.

Disable Focus Mode

Here are the steps to disable the Focus mode:

  • Find the floating bottom toolbar

  • Expand the Settings panel

  • Untick the " Enable Focus mode" option

Afterward, you can freely show or hide the Project Tree panel by clicking the "Expand" or "Collapse" button at the left side.

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