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Sync Mockplus Classic works to Mockplus RP

Mockplus Classic desktop app also allows you to sync your projects to Mockplus RP (our online collaborative prototyping tool) to enjoy more advanced hi-fi prototyping and collaboration, all in one place online. Your entire team can co-edit the same prototype page, test and iterate together in real-time.

Notes that you should know before syncing your projects:

  • Most of your content would stay the same
  • Part of your content would be adjusted to fit Mockplus RP

You may already notice that Mockplus Classic desktop app and Mockplus RP are two different tools with different focuses, features and strategies. After syncing, part of your prototype content, such as some components, properties and interactions will automatically be adjusted to fit Mockplus RP for better editing and collaborating online.

Differences you may see before and after the syncing:

  • Popups and switchable content remained, but presented with sub-artboards

Our online prototyping editor Mockplus RP adopts a completely new artboard strategy - “main-artboards + sub-artboards" - to help people create popups, switchable tabs or pages and other dynamic content. After syncing, your design content of the original popup and Stack Panel components would be adjusted and presented with sub-artboards instead.

What are main-artboards and sub-artboards? | How to create switchable content?

  • Components set as markups are not on the top anymore

In Mockplus Classic, when you've set a component as a markup, the component is always placed on the top so you and your team can see it quickly while previewing. However, after syncing, the component is not on the top anymore. You may try to manually bring it to the top again in Mockplus RP through the right-click menus.

  • Some of your interactions may be a bit different

After syncing, most of your interactions work as before. However, in some cases, there may be tiny differences in some of your animations and transitions. Check the project after syncing to better control this.

  • Some of your components may be changed

Some of the components, such as Tables, Charts and Time Picker, may also be changed. Recheck the project to see what has been changed after the sync.