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Pen Tool

You can use the Pen tool to draw any vector shapes you want.

Click on the "Pen" icon in the top toolbar or press "P" to sketch a path for the shape you need.

Draw Shapes

Click on the artboard to place a point, click elsewhere then, and a line segment connecting these two points will be automatically generated.

To generate a curve line, don't release the left button after placing a point. Also drag the point in space to adjust the curve.

When sketching a shape, you can use "Ctrl+Z" or "Ctrl+Y" to undo and restore the vector points.

When you place a new point on the first one, the shape will be enclosed and editing will be completed.

Also, you can press "esc" key to end editing.

Edit Shapes

You can double-click on a line to modify a completed shape.

You can add points by clicking on the desired location of a line; you also can select a point and press "Delete" key to erase it.

By selecting and dragging points, you can reshape existing contours.

You can double-click on a point to switch between straight and curved line segments.

To adjust the slope of a curve, click on a point and drag the appearing curve handles.

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