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You can save any components, icons, shapes to your asset library in the Components section of the Assets panel. Assets added here can be reused, and any changes to them will be auto-synced to all pages that have used the same assets.

Add components to Assets

To add a component to the Assets panel, select "Add component to assets" in the contextual menu of the component; or select a component and click the "+" icon of the component section in the Assets panel. After clicking on "Add component to assets'' you can rename the component.

Reuse Components

To reuse a component from the Asset panel, double-click on it, or drag the component to the Workspace.

Component Assets Editing

Drag a component asset onto the artboard and double-click on it to open its editing mode.

In this mode, the component is placed on an area that resembles an artboard. It simulates the visible portion of the components on the editing interface. You can drag the component to change its location, but keep in mind that the part of the component outside this area is not visible on the editing interface.

Component assets have a special reusing strategy. If a component asset has been added to several artboards, when one of them has been modified, the same modification will be automatically applied to all others. 

If you want to edit one of these component assets separately, right-click and select "Detach from asset." And then, the modifications you performed won’t affect other coexisting component assets.

When the editing is finished, click "Return" in the upper-left corner of the workspace to exit the editing mode and apply the changes.

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