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Rapid Editing

Insert Components with Hotkeys

You can add a frequently-used component to the current position of your cursor position using the following shortcuts:

  • Rectangle: R

  • Text: T

  • Ellipse: O

  • Line: L

  • Image: I

  • Button: B

  • Sub-artboard: A

  • Pen: P

Text Editing

Note that text editing differs from components.

Double Click Component to Edit Texts

Basic components support adding text on double-click. The list of basic components includes rectangles, circles, lines, shapes, etc.

Text Editor

To add text to complex components (such as Button, Scope Bar, Checkbox Group, etc), press "Enter" when the component is selected.

For multi-item components (such as Scope Bar, Breadcrumb, Tab Bar ), you can also click "Enter" to edit their text, and add, delete or even reorder its items.

Tick the radio button of each item to set a selection state for it.

Note that a Checkbox Group can have multiple items selected at the same time by default, while other components can only have one.

Auto Fill

Auto Fill Text

To autofill a Text component with random text, right-click on the component and choose "Auto fill" from the menu.

We are currently working on adding more auto-filling options. Stay tuned!

Isometric Cloning

Isometric cloning is a great tool when you need to copy your components multiple times and maintain the same relative spacing between each two copies of the component. This function is a quick and effective way to do so:

1.Hold "Alt" while dragging a component to generate its clone.

2.Having the clone selected, press "Ctrl+D".