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8 Ways to Test and Share Prototype in Mockplus RP

Mockplus RP is a new and fast-growing rapid prototyping tool. Although Mockplus RP is not as comprehensive as Axure RP functionally, it has a lot of unique features.

Testing could be a really painful thing in some prototyping tools, especially when it is for an App prototype. However, Mockplus RP can solve this problem easily. In terms of testing, you have 8 ways to test your prototype in Mockplus RP. Comprehensive and pretty useful. Please allow me to introduce how to test your prototype in Mockplus RP.

Method 1: Preview

Applied scenarios: While designing, “Preview” could show the results rapidly.

Operation: Press “F5″ while designing.

Demonstration environment: Mockplus RP software client.

Method 2: Publish Online as an H5 Web App

Applied scenarios: Test prototype in browser.

Operation: Click “Publish” on the top toolbar. After publishing, there will be a URL. Copy this link, send it to your colleagues and client to test your prototype.
Have a try on this one: http://run.mockplus.com/demo/index.html

Demonstration environment: Web browser.

Add Shortcut on Your Mobile Screen

Android:Copy Mockplus preview link and open it on the mobile browser. Click "Add bookmarks" -> "Home Screen", and then, you'll see the shortcut on your mobile screen.  

iOS:Copy Mockplus preview link and open it on Safari. Then, follow the Safari tips and click "Add to Home Screen" to add the shortcut on your mobile screen.  

Method 3: Export to HTML5 Offline

Applied scenarios: When you’re offline, you can still test the prototype in browsers. Meanwhile, you could also deploy the HTML5 package to server for sharing within your team.

Operation: “Menu” > “Export” > “Expor to HTML”.

Demonstration environment: Browser.

Method 4: Export to Demo Package

Applied scenarios: Testing your prototype offline. Demo package provides the enviroment of Mockplus RP, therefore, testing results will be very similar to design. No longer affected by browsers compatibility issues.

Operation: “Menu” > “Export” > “Export to demo package”.

Demonstration environment: Demo package could run independently.

Method 5: Input View Code in Mobile Client App

Applied scenarios: After publishing to the cloud, send the four-letter view code to colleagues and clients. Input the view code and testing prototype online.

Operation: Click “Publish” on the top toolbar. There will be a view code after publishing, and you can send it to your colleagues and clients.

Demonstration environment: Mockplus RP client App.

Method 6: View Prototypes on Mobile by Scanning QR Code

Applied scenarios: Scan QR code while designing to test prototype offline. Alternatively, sacn QR code after the published project opened in browsers.

Operation: Use Mockplus RP client App to scan QR code while designing. Use QR scanner (but not Mockplus RP client App) in mobile devices to scan the code, and send the screenshot to colleagues or clients.

Demonstration environment: Browser (Mockplus RP client app will be needed for scanning while designing)

Method 7: Export to Images

Applied scenarios: Demonstration and static wireframe testing.

Operation: “Menu” > “Export” > “Export to images” with JPG or PNG two formats.

Demonstration environment: Image or Slide playing software.

Method 8: Export Project Tree

Applied scenarios: Export the whole project tree to multiple formats, including Mind Map, Tree View, Text, CSV, HTML, Markdown, and XML. This function is very useful for PRD writing.

Operation: “Menu” > “Export” > “Export Project Tree”.

Demonstration environment: Image or slide playing software, and text editing tools.