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Group Components

What Does It Mean to “Group”?

To “Group” is to put more than one component together into one group, such as “Grouping” a “Label” component and a “Button” component together.

By “Grouping” and operating a whole group of components instead of each single component, you will be able to work more efficiently.

How Should I Use “Group”?

You can “Group” or “Ungroup”, edit group, and nest one or more groups into a bigger group.

-Enable edit group:

Double click a group and you will see that any other components that do not belong to this group become semi-transparent and frozen. Then you can edit any component in this group by dragging, stretching, changing options or etc. You don’t have to worry about the group size because it will adjust itself according to your operation.

-End edit:

Double click any area that is outside of the group to enable components outside of the group and restore the previous status.

The same operation applies to nesting groups.

The video below shows you how to Group and edit group.