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New Experience with Mockplus Classic New Version – Mockplus Classic v2.3

At the beginning of 2017, we are delighted to announce the official release of Mockplus Classic 2.3 version where there are a set of improvements and enhancements. Please find what you like in the following:

1. Cloud project, share and collaboration

– Upgraded “My favorites” to “My libraries” where supports syncing and sharing components

– Support downloading history version from cloud

– Support password protecting for published project

– Support importing (.mp) project file directly

2. Edit

– New interface layout

– Support more convenient setting for properties and interactions

– Support customizing the zoom level for working area

– For Web prototype, you can now set different size for individual page

– Support tagging the folder at the project tree panel by color

– Fixed an issue that the interaction target may get lost while copying and pasting

– Fixed an issue that the items of the popup menu may overlap each other while right-clicking on the working area

3. Interaction

– Added new interaction command: Set Font Color

– Fixed the issue that link point was covered

4. Components and elements

– Added up to 3000 icons

– Supprot setting the font-weight

– Optimized the user experience on massive components, including:

– Added more property settings for Tabs Bar, Vertical Tabs Bar, Table View and Tree

– Added brand-new componets of device frame for iPhone, iPad, Android and Tablet

– Support setting border for more components

– Support setting border type for Shape component even when it’s rounded

– Fixed the issue that keyborad cannot disappear on mobile device

5. Preview and test

– Support highlighting hotspot(s) when previewing

– Added the ability to enable or disable markups scrolling with the page when previewing

– Support displaying remarks when previewing

– Fixed the issue that image(s) may look blurry when previewing on mobile device

– Optimized many aspects for better experience when previewing in HTML

6. Performance

– Optimized the property panel in order to improve the operation performance a lot

– Optimized the performance of project tree

– Improved the usage of memory a lot