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What is Mockplus Classic?

Mockplus Classic is a rapid desktop prototyping tool that translates your ideas into fully interactive prototypes, lets you test and share your prototypes, and collaborate with ease.

With Mockplus Classic, you can: 

  • Create prototypes with pre-built component, icon, style and UI libraries;

  • Create templates of your layouts and structures quickly with few clicks;

  • Use 8 ways to share and test prototypes on real PCs or mobiles;

  • Make smart interactions, animations and transitions with drag-and-drop;

  • Build more realistic prototypes with the guide of auto-generated redlines & specs; 

  • Generate and export UI flowchart with one click; 

  • Manage team and projects like a breeze

Mockplus Classic is the shortest path from abstract ideas to fully functioning prototypes.

What's the difference between Mockplus Classic and Mockplus RP? 

Mockplus Classic is a desktop app where you can design your prototypes. To use Mockplus Classic, you'll need to download and install it.  

Mockplus RP is an online prototyping tool that does all the work in the browser to bring you all the benefits of collaboration and designing handoffs

Please note:

  • The projects created by RP and Classic are not compatible with each other.

  • However, they can be easily exported to Mockplus Cloud (product design collaboration and handoff tool) to hasten your designer-developer collaboration.

Download and install Classic for Windows or Mac

Follow these steps to download and install Mockplus Classic on

your computer to try it out for yourself:

Step1. Download Classic and double click the exe. or dmg. file.

Step2. If Mockplus Classic does not start automatically after you've

completed the installation, double click the icon on your desktop.

Step3. Upon the first launch, you'll have to create a new account or log in if you already have one.

Now when you've successfully logged in, you can create a new personal or collaboration project to start exploring your ideas. 

Please note:

Mockplus Classic supported Windows Vista, 7, 8 or later version/macOS 10.12 or later version. 

How to subscribe Mockplus Classic?

Mockplus Classic has free and paid versions. The paid versions provide three editions: Individual, Team and Enterprise. Each edition can be paid yearly and perpetually. You can subscribe Mockplus Classic by visit the pricing page