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Mockplus Classic v2.3 Name Strategy of Cloud Project

If you are new to Mockplus Classic v2.3 or have never used any earlier version before, then you can skip this post and set it aside. But if you are a regular user, be sure to read the followings carefully.

1. Mockplus Classic v2.3 name strategy of cloud project

Since the 2.3 version of Mockplus Classic, the cloud project will be automatically named after the .mp file.

Let’s say you have a .mp file called “My project 2.mp”, the name “My project 2″ will be the name of your cloud project in the cloud synchronization.

That means, the name of your .mp file will be that of the cloud project.

2. Why should you know it?

Before the release of Mockplus Classic 2.3, the cloud project is named after the project file (here, refers to the root node name of project tree).

However, according to users’ feedback, there are some issues existing in this kind of name strategy. The typical case is:

When you are duplicating a copy of the same .mp file and then make modifications to the two files, you will take it for granted they are two different projects. But you will only to find the content will be overwritten after the synchronization. The reason behind is, although the two .mp files’ names are different, their project names (named after the project tree root node) in the two files are the same, and thus the system will consider them to be the same project.

Considering this situation, Mockplus Classic v2.3 has adjusted the name strategy for cloud project.

3. Will the new strategy affect the previous cloud synchronization made in Mockplus Classic earlier versions?

For this concern, Mockplus Classic v2.3 uses the following method to make the cloud sync of older versions compatible:

a. If the .mp file name in the old version is the same to the project name (the project tree root node name) , then according to the new strategy of 2.3 version, the cloud file will be named after the .mp file.

b. If not, according to 2.28 version, the system will prompt you firstly and then still identify the cloud project by the project name (the root node name of the project tree). This can make sure the data will still be the result you want after the synchronization.

c. The view code and HTML preview URL in the old version won’t be changed.