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Master has been added to Mockplus 2.1. With the help of Master, you can apply global changes for the interactive prototype rather than repetitive operation.

Let’s see the video tutorial and learn how to build one:

Instructions for Master

1. Create Master

> Select a component on the workspace.

> Right click for the context menu.

> Choose “Set as master” from the menu.

> Done.

You can find the master in the Master library on the top toolbar.

2. Apply Master

You can drag and drop the Master from the Master library, and apply it anywhere on your project pages. Or, copy a Master and paste it directly.

3. Edit Master

Double click on a Master to enter edit mode. Double click on the non-editable field to end editing. If you modify a Master, the change is reflected globally across all pages.

4. Delete Master

If you want to delete a Master, you need to delete it from the applied pages. After that, you can find it in the Master library and delete it using the right-click context menu.