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Publish to Mockplus Cloud

Mockplus allows you to publish your Mockplus DT design files to Mockplus Cloud for further collaboration and handoff. It is an online collaboration hub where you can:
  • Get instant comments or feedback from your team or other stakeholders.
  • Hand your designs to developers with auto-generated specs, assets, and code snippets.
  • Track your design process in real time.
  • Collaborate and manage design tasks with ease.

How to sync your files to Mockplus Cloud?

  • Simply click the Publish button on the right corner of the top toolbar;
  • Select the project you want to publish to, and also choose the target page group in the pop-up window;
  • Enter Mockplus Cloud to check the DT design files and the layer data within it.
Note: Click Upload slice layers in the pop-up window the first time you Sync your DT designs to Cloud, then all slice layers and exportable layers within the artboards will be uploaded.