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Font Management

With Mockplus DT, you can feel free to access, share and manage different fonts in your design files. These fonts include:
  • Default fonts - the fonts carefully handpicked by Mockplus team 

  • Team fonts - the custom fonts you and your teammates can import and share across the entire team

  • Local fonts - the fonts installed on your computer and can be used by installing our Font Assistant 

So, your entire team can easily access the same font library to keep all design consistent.

Who can use this feature?

  • Supported on any team or plan

  • Anyone can access existing font or import a custom font for sharing.

How to use a font in your design file? 

In general, to access all fonts in your design file, you should:
  • Select a text element in your design

  • Expand the font setting options on the right panel 

And then, you can feel free to find the font you need by using filters like All, Cloud, Local or Favs.

Note: Both of your Team fonts and Default fonts can be found under the Cloud tab.

Local Fonts

The Local font tab lists all fonts on your computer, including all of your operating system fonts.
To access these local fonts, you should first install our Font Assistant as follows:
  • Expand the Main menus on the top left corner

  • Hit "Assistants" > "Local fonts" and select a suitable operating system

Or directly expand the font setting options on the right panel, and switch to the Local tab to download and install the assistant.
Plus, Mockplus DT is also compatible with the variable options of your local fonts. It enables you to make additional edits to the font style, including adjustments to font weight, width, height, and more.

Team Fonts

By using Mockplus DT, teams can also import custom fonts to build their own font library for seamless sharing and reuse within the team. There is no need to download, install or update for any individual users - everyone can always access and use the latest ones.
Note: Members of any team with editing permissions can import, access, and use shared team fonts.

How to import a custom font?

There's a slight difference when a Team font is available or not.
If your team have a custom font imported, follow these steps:
  • Select a text element, expand font setting, and click the "Cloud" tab

  • Click "Import font" next to the "Team" category

And at last, drag and drop your font file into the popup.
If your team hasn't imported any custom fonts yet, follow these steps:
  • Select a text element, expand font settings, and click the "Cloud" tab

  • Click "Manage fonts" and hit the “Import” button

And then, click to select a font file from your local drive or directly drag and drop it into the popup area.Also check the option below to continue the importing.
Note: In case of any unauthorized use of fonts, which goes against the rights of font creators, ensure you have the correct license or right to use it before importing any custom font.

How to delete a font? 

Open the "Manage fonts" popup.
Select a font you want to remove and click the trash cane icon.

Missing Fonts

In general, Mockplus DT allows you to freely select, remove, and manage all fonts in your design files. However, in some cases, when importing design files from Figma or Sketch, you may encounter text elements or contents that use a font to which you don't have access. In such instances, a missing font warning would appear.
Simply follow the notification to replace the missing font with another accessible one.

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