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Color Variables

The Color Variables feature enables you to set colors that synchronize across your designs. Any change you make to a color variable will be applied to all the layers that use it.

How to Create a Color Variable?

To detach a color variable:
  • Select any layer and click on the color well from the “Properties” panel to view its style properties.

  • Select the solid color you want to reuse.

  • Now click on “Create Color Variable” and give it a name.

  • Click on “OK” to save.

How to Apply a Color Variable to a Layer?

To apply a color variable to a layer:
  • Select the layer to which you want to apply a color variable first.

  • Head to the color well and select the color variable you want from the grid.

  • This will apply the color variable to the selected layer, and the color swatch icon next to the color well will turn blue.

How to Update a Color Variable?

Here are two ways to update a color variable:
Method 1
  • Unselect any layer for the Right panel to appear.

  • Make changes to a color variable.

  • Those changes will automatically preview and save.

Method 2
  • Select any layer and click on a color well in the “Properties” Panel. 

  • Click on “Edit Variable” and pick a new color. 

  • Click “Update” to save.

How to Detach a Color Variable?

If you only need to change the color of a single layer with a color variable and not update the color variable itself, you need first to detach it.
To detach a color variable from the Properties Panel, just follow these steps:
  • Select the layer from which you want to detach the color variable.

  • Click on the color well in the “Style” menu.

  • Click the “Detach Variable” button.

  • After you have detached the color variable, the color swatch icon next to the color well will turn gray.

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