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Create a New Project

Creating a new project using Mockplus DT has never been easier!All you have to do is go to Mockplus DT to create projects for your Team or Personal use. You can also access the Shared projects.

Personal Project

To create a personal project, click on “Personal Space” on the left menu bar and click "New" to create a personal project. This feature is best for designers to work on their own.

Team Project

  • Click the “New Team" button in the left menu bar to add a new team.

  • Click “New” to start a completely new team project, or you can directly import a Sketch file to create a new one.

    • Invite members to your team right away by clicking “Invite New Members.”

  • Now, copy the link in the pop-up window and send it to anyone you want to invite.

This kind of project is perfect for design teams to manage design assets and scale up designs. All team members can access the Team Projects within your team.

Shared Project

If you want to co-edit your project with others, here’s what you need to do:

  • Click the “Share” button in the top toolbar.

  • Copy the link in the pop-up window.

  • Now, send the link to anyone you want to co-edit with.

The projects that have been shared with you can be listed under the “Shared” tab in the left menu bar.Now that you know how to create a personal project and a team project, and how to share your projects with others for co-editing, let’s take you through Mockplus DT’s user interface.