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Team Management

The most significant benefit of using Mockplus DT is its team collaboration feature. You can work in collaboration with your team members to build your products. Team collaboration enables you to work more efficiently and increases your team's productivity. This article explains the features and functioning of Mockplus DT in detail.
In Mockplus DT, you can invite your teams into different workspaces and independently manage your teams and their projects, as well as grant permissions to members.

Here are the details about Workspace: 

  • Workspace works like a separate room, offering a delicate space for teams and individuals to create, store and manage their projects effectively without distractions. 
  • You can switch between different workspaces to work on the project of different teams.
  • You can have different roles and access levels in different workspaces. 
  • You can also move a project from one workspace to another. 
  • Every user can create a Mockplus account with two workspaces: Personal and Team spaces.

Note: To move projects from one workspace to another, you need a Super Admin access level in your original workspace and a Member or higher access level in the target workspace.

Personal Space

Personal Space is for private use, offering a quiet workspace for individual users to create, edit, iterate, and manage projects without others’ help. Personal space is the best option for users who don’t need to collaborate with others.

Here are the key features of Personal Space: 

  • Every user has only one Personal space, which is auto-generated when creating the account. 
  • All projects in your Personal space are private and only available to you. 
  • Create as many projects as possible to fully explore your design ideas.
  • Share your projects with others by generating a preview link.
  • You cannot invite any other members to your Personal space.
  • You cannot publish a project to Mockplus Cloud.

Note: If you need to publish a project in your Personal space to Mockplus Cloud for instant review and feedback, you need first to move the project to a Team space.

Team Space

Team Space is for collaborative use, offering a central workspace for your whole team to collaborate on one or many projects simultaneously. Team space is best for groups with more than three users to work better together in one place.

Here are the key features of Team space: 

  • Every user can create as many Team spaces as he wants.
  • Create as many projects as you need in a team space.
  • Invite as many co-workers to collaborate on the same project.
  • Set different roles for co-workers to fully control the access permissions.
  • Assign co-workers to different projects.
  • Publish projects to Mockplus Cloud for instant review and feedback.

Set Roles and Permissions

In Mockplus DT, you can also set roles with different access permissions for your teammates. You can just go through the following steps to set roles:
  • Enter the Homepage and click your Avatar in the right corner;
  • Click My teams in the drop-down list to set the roles

Who can edit DT projects?

The My teams interface offers five role options:
  • Super Admin 
  • Admin
  • Member
  • Collaborator
  • Guest
Only Super Admins and Admins have permission to set the roles for team members.

Note: To let all users try all features of Mockplus DT for free, any role you’ve set for your teammates would be taken as an Editor, who is permitted to create, edit, and share a DT project.