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Export other files

How to export PDF files?

It's quite easy to export artboards as PDF files in Mockplus DT:
  • Go to the Left menu bar;
  • Click Project and choose Export PDF;
  • Then you can download all Artborads as PDF files within the pages.

How to export a Sketch file?

Want to edit the DT file in your Sketch app? Just go through the following clicks:
  • Go to the Left menu bar;
  • Click Project and choose Export Sketch file;
  • Then you can import the file into your Sketch app to edit further.

How to import a DT file?

Want to further edit your local DT files? Mockplus DT makes it possible in a few steps:
  • Head to your project Homepage;
  • Click the Import DT file button to import your local DT file;
  • Then a new project will be generated for your further editing.

How to import an SVG file?

It is also quite easy to import a third-party SVG file into Mockplus DT for further editing.Here's how:
  • Copy the SVG code of any file you need on a third-party platform;
  • Enter your DT workspace;
  • Paste the SVG code to import the SVG file into your DT project;
  • Then you can customize the SVG file to fit your design needs.

How to export a DT file?

In Mockplus DT, you can export the source files of your projects and save them locally in an MDT format). Just go through these clicks:
  • Click the Left Menu Bar in your workspace.
  • Click Project > Export > Export DT file to get it done.

How to export a file as a Sketch file?

With Mockplus DT, you can also export a DT file as a Sketch file and further edit it in Sketch.Here is how:
  • Open the DT file you’ve completed 
  • Expand the menu and click Project > Export > Export Sketch file

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