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Interaction Settings

In Mockplus DT, you can add interactions to animate your design files and preview your designs directly online.

How to add interactions to your design?

  • Select a layer first on the artboard;

  • Switch to the Interactions tab in the right-hand Property panel;

  • Drag the arrow button to any artboard you’d like to link your layer to (If you mistake the target artboard, just directly reselect it manually in the right-hand panel);

  • Also choose an animation like Slide right/left/up and down. 

Note:In Mockplus DT, you can only add an interaction to jump from a layer to an Artboard.

How to delete interactions in your design?

It's pretty easy to delete the interactions you have added to your design:
  • Go to the right-hand property panel;

  • Switch to the Interactions tab and click the Remove icon  to get it done.