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Path Editing

The Vector tool in Mockplus DT enables you to quickly draw the shape you want. For this, you simply have to click anywhere on your artboard to create your first point and do the same for marking the second point.The line that connects all the points in your shape is called the path. If you want to edit the path or make further changes to it, just double-click on the shape layer.

Points Types

Mockplus DT offers four different point types to help with editing the path. These point types include:

Straight: This point type does not have any handle control points; therefore, you can use it to create a straight path.
Mirrored: This point type has two handle controls that appear connected to the point, and it can be used to create curved paths. Simply drag either of the two points to adjust your curve, and the other point will mirror this.
Disconnected: This point type also has two handles that are completely independent of each other. So, if you drag one point, the other will stay in its place. You can select either handle control point and press backspace to delete it, to turn your curve into a straight line.
Asymmetric: This point type has two handles that are different distances from the vector point but share the same angle, which is handy for fine-tuning your curves. You can drag any handle control point to change its distance from the vector point without changing its angle.

To exit the path editing mode, simply click on "Finish Editing.”

Open/Close Paths

All shapes in Mockplus DT have an open or closed path.For a closed shape, the path connects the first and last points, while an open path does not connect the first and last points, leaving a gap between them.

To create an open path:
  • Use the vector tool to add your points to the Artboard.

  • Click “Finish Editing” in the “Property Panel” to exit the vector editing mode.

The next time you edit this shape, you can continue where you left off and place your next point after the last or before the first point.

To make a closed path:
  • Add as many points as you want with the vector tool onto the Artboard.

  • Then click "Close Path" in the “Property Panel” to connect the last point of the shape with the first one, making it a closed one.

You can easily open the closed path by clicking on the "Open Path" button in the “Property Panel.”