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Layer Style

With the Layer Style feature, you can store a number of styles and reuse them across different shape layers within your designs. If you choose to update the layer style after making changes to a layer with a layer style, all shape layers with that particular layer style will be changed as well.

How to Create a Layer Style?

To create a layer style:
  • Select any layer (excluding a text layer) and head to the “Properties” Panel.

  • Click the “Create” button under the pop-up menu that reads “No Layer Style” in the “Appearance” panel to add it as a new layer style.

How to Apply a Layer Style? 

Applying a layer style only takes a few steps in Mockplus DT:
  • Select any shape layer on the “Canvas” or “Artboard” and go to the “Properties” panel.

  • Click the “Appearance” panel and choose any layer style you have created within the project from the pop-up menu.

  • The layer style will be applied to the selected shape.

How to Update a Layer Style?

Method 1
  • Unselect any layer for the Right panel to appear.

  • Make changes to any layer style you have created. 

  • Your changes will automatically be applied across shape layers using the same style.

Method 2
  • Select a layer with the layer style that you want to edit first.

  • Make changes to its styles from the “Appearance” panel.

  • Click “Update” to apply the changes to all other layers using the same style.

How to Detach a Layer Style?

Here are the steps to detach a layer style:
  • Select a layer to which you've applied a layer style.

  • Click the “Detach” button on the “Appearance” panel.

  • The changes you've made to that layer will be kept, but the layer style will be removed.

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