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WineRatingsPlus (App, Drink)

WineRatingsPlus is a red wine app that helps you get expert advice when choosing wine for any dinner, party or occasion. Moreover, it is also an excellent tool for connoisseurs and anyone interested to learn more about wine and make better choices.

In this prototype, every time when you switch to its Home or Profile pages, a page with subscription information will automatically pop out. With Mockplus, you can create such smart pop-out pages easily by using a “Popup Panel” component, setting an “OnLoad” trigger and choosing a “Popup-up” Animation effect for it.

As with the cool floating button of this app, you can simply get it by placing a button over a Scroll Box component.

Let’s see it in GIF at first:

Click here to preview it online: http://run.mockplus.com/c9FRig0LL5LMaGBZ/index.html

UI flow in large size:

Pages of this prototype: Startup Page, Home, Subscription, Regions and Profile, etc.

The project file can be downloaded here.

All pages of the album (10 pics in total) can be downloaded here.

Enjoy it!