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Tumblr (Web, Blog)

Founded in 2007, Tumblr is the world’s largest microbloggingand social networking website and the ancestor of microblogging sites.

Tumblr is a new media form between traditional blogs andWeibo. It emphasizes expression, socialization, and personalization. It is oneof the most popular social networking sites for young people. The content pageuses a waterfall web page layout to display rich content.

The components used in this prototype template are “Button”, “Text Input”, and “Shape” components. The interaction modes include page jump triggered by circle buttons, and color change effect triggered by hovering mouse on buttons or texts.

Click here to preview it online: http://run.mockplus.com/GpQJISn2dmueFXrq/index.html

Pages of this prototype: Home Page、Home page jump page1-5、Trending,etc.

All the above pages can be downloaded here.

All pages of the album (5 pics in total) can be downloaded here.