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Collaboration and Handoff

Mockplus allows you to sync your Mockplus DT design files to Mockplus Cloud, where you can:
  • Get instant comments or feedback from your team or other stakeholders.
  • Hand your designs to developers with auto-generated specs, assets, and code snippets.
  • Track your design process in real time.
  • Collaborate and manage design tasks with ease.

How to sync your files to Mockplus Cloud?

  • Simply click the Publish button on the right corner of the top toolbar;
  • Select the project you want to publish to, and also choose the target page group in the pop-up window;
  • Enter Mockplus Cloud to check the DT design files and the layer data within it.
Note: Click Upload slice layers in the pop-up window the first time you Sync your DT designs to Cloud, then all slice layers and exportable layers within the artboards will be uploaded.